Friday, May 28, 2010

Boot's No. 7 Wipes

In my opinion, the absolute best makeup remover on the market is Boots’ No. 7 Quick Thinking Wipes. They’re soft on the face, but strong enough not to tear when used them. The  plastic flap is sturdy making the wipes stay moist and not dry out like every other wipe I’ve used.  Plus, I clearly see all my makeup residue completely wiped away. This stuff is amazing, and it costs only $6.99 atTarget. If you’re always in a rush or you are just too tired to wash your face, these wipes just might be your new BFF. However, washing your face is a very important routine in skincare, it is advisable to wash your face, even after using these wipes. But, give it a try, I promise, you will love it.


  1. thx for this review :)
    I'm using baby wipes loool

  2. Great review! I've tried a number of wipes, and most of them seem to sting my eyes unfortunately :( I'm looking forward to trying this one, hope it's a little more gentle!

  3. hi hun! im having a makeup sale on my blog so please feel free to check it out =)


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