Monday, May 3, 2010

Altering Your Hairs pH Level Can Be Dangerous!

How do chemical processes like relaxers, straighteners, perms or colors alter the pH balance of the hair?

These products change the genetic makeup of the hair by opening up the cuticles thereby altering the molecular structure of the hair. Once the natural hair structure is altered the hair weakens and becomes damaged leading to dryness and breakage.

Many over the counter relaxers, perms or permanent hair colors are poor quality products. Permanent hair colors from the drug store actually have a high metallic content which is very damaging to the hair. Most over-the-counter hair products are made with cheaper materials than the high-end products available in salons. The advertisers of these over-the-counter relaxers and hair colors praise the user friendliness of their products, but fail to let you know how damaging they are. Much of the hair damage in women’s hair has been due to home application of products. Home hair care products bought from the drug store have caused a lot of the damage on the hair.

Advertisers would like you to believe that by purchasing home hair care products that are “user-friendly” that these are an excellent choice. But really it’s not. They won’t tell you that these products are actually very damaging since it causes the natural pH balance of the hair to become too high – this equates to unhealthy hair!

Performing a chemical process on your hair is something that should be taken very seriously. Take for instance the store bought relaxers used by many African American women. The chemical substances in relaxers consist of ingredients like hydroxide, calcium, lithium or sodium. These are what are known as caustic soda.

What many women fail to realize is that this substance is highly toxic. This substance can actually eat through plastics, oil paints and other materials! Can you believe this is placed on our hair! YIKES!!! This is why if a relaxer is left on the hair too long it will cause the hair to actually deteriorate. Many women have had their hair melt away with the wrong application of a relaxer. Many commonly experience burns on the scalp that can actually lead to permanent hair loss since the chemical burn damages the follicle and the epidermis.

A damaged hair follicle and epidermis can lead to permanent hair loss. Sometimes if hair relaxer is applied on top of previously relaxed hair, this can lead to breakage because the hair is being relaxed twice. Basically, the hair has been over-processed. Relaxers are also very drying on the hair leaving it lifeless and lacking moisture. It’s best to visit a professional salon and have an experienced stylist work on your hair.


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