Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Current Protective Style:Medium Two trand Twists

How I achieve this style:  I started by doing a pre shampoo treatment(coconut oil and Suave Humectant Conditioner applied to my haie for 1hr). I then by clarified my hair with ACV(1/3 CUP TO A LITER OF WATER)
Then I used Burt's Bees Baby shampoo(very mild) to shampoo my hair

Deep Conditioning: I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk and Jane Cater's Solution Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner. My hair was covered w/ a plastic cap and I sat under the dryer for 45 minutes. This, I believe helps the nutrients in the conditoners to distribute evenly and more effectively. After rinsing out the conditioner.

Conditioning and Mosturizing:I applied Giovanni Direct Leave in   and Qhemet Biologics Amla and Olive Heavy Cream. I then used Coconut Oil to seal my hair.
Styling;. I divided my hair into 4 sections(going backwards). I then further cut out small sections and twisted each small section with Zoe line Glossifier. I will do a full review on this in the near future.. The front was a little bit flat twisted since I wanted to wear the twists going backwards.


  1. cute!! I'm looking forward to this winter when I just twist up my own hair instead of using kinky twists =)

  2. How long did it take you to do the twists?


  3. Hi Name Sake, it took only 45 minutes. Thay are really easy to do once u get used to doing them. Thanks for stopping by. God bless


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