Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Favorites

I am trying not to be a product junkie, however, honestly, when you read such wonderful things about certain products on other blogs, you get the "itch" to buy what interests you. I think I will be picking up a new product every month. I am so into mosturizing and deep conditioning.
So here are my favorite products in March:

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Nature's Way: This is so good for sealing. My hair also absorbs it like a mosturizer. It does keep my twist out looking nice and glossy.I bought this from my local whole foods store

Honey and Olive hydrating Balm: I love it. It feels just like honey. It's incredibly softening. I like it both on dry and wet hair. I also use it to twist my hair. It gives my hair the wet twist look.

Amla and Olive Heavy Cream: My hair loves creams and I love this one. It does everything from conditioning to detangling to mosturizing. A little goes along way.

My Gel by Joienaturals: This is not like the other gel. This one is nourishing as well as giving you hold

That's it for the month. What about you? Do you have any favorite products for the month of March?


  1. I'm going to peruse through this list and purchase some of these products. I am all about conditioning too and I need some stuff for the mini me. Her hair is so thick like mines. Thanks for the list! Great post.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Those Products are really worth purchasing again


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