Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Juara Rice Scrub

Hi lovelies, I am so super excited about this product. This is the BEST scrub I have ever used. Let me start by saying that I have combination skin, more on the dry side. However, I do break out out on occassions. I have learnt that Rice water has the benefit of cooling off inflamed skin surfaces. Perhaps, that's why this Rice Scrub does the exact same thing to my blemishes.
I use this product about three times a week. It does help clear my irritations as I have very sensitive skin. I have noticed that if I have redness or inflammed areas on my face due to an unknown cause, an application of this rice scrub to my face, helps reduce the irritation. I have no idea why but It works for my skin. Besides that, it also mosturizes my partially dry skin. It always leaves my skin nice and supple. It costs about $30 and can be purchased from here

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