Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home-made Protein Conditioner

This is a mixture  I made for my hair last week. I did not have a particular measurement but I used an egg, about a cup of mayonniase and 3tbs of Olive Oil. The Result: My hair felt like silk after I was done. I followed that with a mosturizing conditioner


  1. I also use this as a protein treatment. I love it!

  2. Right? and it is so accessible... stuff from your refrigerator.

  3. I did something like this for my daughter and she was like "Mommy, you are making my hair stink"! But it worked!

    Bobby J

  4. Which moisturizing conditioner did you use? Did it cover the "smell" of the natural products?

  5. I did not use any mosturizing conditioner in this mix but i used a mosturizing conditioner as a leave in(Giovanni Direct Leave in)


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