Friday, March 19, 2010

Healthy Eating=Healthy Growing Hair


Our hair will reflect what we put in our body. If our diet mainly consists of  processed food and little or no water or vitamins, it will "reap what we sow into it". The state of our hair tells a lot about what we ingest .The secret to having long beautiful hair is a healthy diet. I would  focus on eating high quality proteins like fish and legumes.  Micronutrients like vitamins A, C, zinc and B complex are important nutrients that must not be bypassed. In general, it is always wise to eat a well balanced diet. 
I know it sounds cliche but Fruits and Vegetables are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, and are good for promoting healthy hair growth.Whole Grains, Soy Products, Nuts and Seeds, and Lean Protein are good for hair growth, Regulation of the Thyroid Hormone for Hair Growth and Strengthening of the Hair Strand . Honestly, I am not confident about my diet, that's why I will be using Hair Multivitamins to supplement for assurance.
Also drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is essential as this adds moisture to the skin and hair. Please note that white "anything" (bread, sugar, rice) have no vitamins in them. In place of the "whites",  it is advisable to consume Whole Grains Bread, Brown Rice Basmati Rice, which is loaded with B Vitamins, Brown Sugar, Maple Syrup and Honey.

This is my Sample Hair Growth and Weight Management Diet

Raw Oats mixed with a fat free Yogurt, dried fruit, Raisins, Raw Almonds and Maple Syrup for sweetness

                             Turkey on Rye Bread with Lettuce and Tomatoes,  Apple or Orange Juice


                             Basmati Rice Pilaf with spinach salad loaded with fruits nuts and berries


  1. You are so right about eating healthy....the benefits are tremendous...I LOVE YOUR HAIR, AND BLOG....

  2. GREAT POST! I like this post a lot and I think its very important that everyone eats healthy food because it shows on the outside and its good for our overall health as well (hair, bones, brains, vision. etc).

  3. @unblogging my pores, Thanks for stopping by


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