Saturday, February 27, 2010

Product Review: Quemet Biologics' Alma and Olive and Heavy Cream

As Advertised: "Our Best Seller! This thick,rich formula leaves extra dry, coarse hair soft and supple for days! Recommended #1 for transitioning naturals by Clutch Magazine and selected by Vegetarian Times Magazine as their summer eco-beauty pick for natural hair."

Ingredients:Alma,Brahmi, African Aloe, Premium Afro-Indian Botanicals, MSM, and Mediterrannean Olive Oil

What it does not contain:Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Protein, Silicone, Artificial Fragrances,dyes and parabrens

Price: 16.50 for 8oz
           5.50 for 2oz

Review: I read great reviews on this product on the Napturality Website, so I decided to purchase it. I have to say that this product is the best moisturizer I have ever put in my hair.My hair can be very dry sometimes. Not anymore. Once I put this cream in my hair, I don't have to moisturize my hair again until 4 to 5 days later. That is how moisturizing this stuff is. Although, it may seem pricey that you have to pay for shipping and handling, and 16.50 for an 8oz container, you don't have to use the product too often. A little goes a  long way. This product serves many purposes such as post -shampoo conditioner, Daily leave-in conditioner(mine is not daily), Deep Conditioning Treatment. I use it on dry and wet hair. The trick to maintaining your hair moisturized for a long time before re-moisturizing is applying the cream to your hair while it is wet. This helps the hair absorb the cream better and hence extends the longevity of the product benefit

My ends are so much better since I have been using this product. I hardly have any breakages. Of Course, what you put into your body matters the most. Be sure to eat well and drink plenty of water. and your "external" efforts will not prove abortive. In other words, the products that you spend your hard-earned dollar on will be effective, if you take care of your whole body.

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