Saturday, February 27, 2010

Iman Second To None Cream Foundation

What I like about it: I had been eyeing this product for quite sometime. I finally gave in and purchased this in Earth 5. To my surprise, I really love the finish, which is semi matte.I  had been informed that Iman Products has a lot of red hue, so I used my MAC 188

brush to apply the product. This is to prevent me from picking up too much foundation. It blended out really well using the stipling motion. I would not reccomend a flat foundation brush like the MAC 190, as it would definitely leave streaks on your face.

This product also leaves a nice glow on my face. I like the price at 14.50

What I don't like about it: The longer you wear it, the less flawless your face looks. The colors start to"seperate" for lack of a better word. I believe that you need a good face primer to hold the flawless look with this product. In my opinion, you still need powder to "set" it. Although some may like the dewy look, I don't. I love a matte finish. I also don't like the fact that it s not sold in Departmetal Stores, where you can easily test out colors  to choose the most suitable for yourself.  My advice would be for you to keep your  reciept, if returning the product is needs be. Also, returning will be easier if you did not use half of the product before you decided you are tired of using it. 

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  1. great review. i wore iman foundation years ago, way before i was even into make-up but was interested in it now because it seemed to provide great coverage.

  2. Great review. I was interested in this; I've always wondered about it.

    HAve you tried Graftobian or MUFE? I like graftobian, it doesn't slide off like you said the iman did

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    Makeup by Kim Porter

  3. great review,I bought this in Clay was looking good@first but I think it has started to look pale&changed colour on me,I still like it but I now use my all time fave Mac Studio fix fluid..In e Uk its more expensive than MAC


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