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I have compiled a list of my "make it happen" brushes. These brushes are awesome. They are my precious tools for my precious arts. .They were all bought from three different companies, MAC, Sonia Kashuk and Essence of Beauty.

High End Makeup Brushes:MAC
MAC 182:

This Kabuki Brush is the best powder brush that I have ever owned. Applying powder (setting, loose, mineral,compact) is super EASY with this soft Kabuki Brush. The finish of the foundation and powder application is absolutely FLAWLESS. Everyting (foundation, concealer and powder) is perfectly mixed together to produce one natural finish. Your face will appear as though you do not have foundation on your face but I promise you a beautiful glow. It costs &45. I know. Yes. It is expensive but look at it as an investment. This a brush that does not shed at all. It has soft but firm bristles, features that will make it last for a long time, if well taken care of.
Other uses for this product: Buff out any harsh lines from contouring and highlighting.

MAC 187:

This is my favorite Foundation tool OF ALL TIME. I love this brush, It is easy to handle. It does not shed, The bristles are not dense and have two different types of fibre, hence making it easy to pick up products sparingly. It is used in a circular motion. It blends foundation and concealer perfectly.It costs about $42. It is a great invetsment.

Other uses for this product:apply your favorite blush with this duo fibre brush as it does not deposit too much color. It is also great for powder application

MAC 239:

This is a must have for everyone. You need this to pack on color onto the lid. It is a flat brush so it does just that, deposit color on the lid. It is very firm and does not shed. I can honestly say that you can use any stiff flat brush to pack on clors onto your lid, but this is my pick. It costs about $28.

Other uses for this products: If you like funky eye makeup like I do or the cut the crease looks, you can use this brush to cut the crease. You have to be very careful to ensure precise line drawing.

MAC 217:

A stiff round headed brush that blends colors to a perfect finish. It is very good in the crease area and blending colors together in general.It costs about $28.

Other uses for this product: Use this brush to apply a wash of color or mixed colors on the lid. Use it to blend harsh colors under the brow bone.

MAC 219:

This one is a pencil brush. It is great for smudging harse lines, applying color under the lower lashline, defining the outer v. It costs about $24.

other uses for this product:use it to cut the crease as well.

MAC 266:

OMG. If you do not have this one go get it. It is only $20. This brush is it. Want nice precise lines? this brush will do it for you. A perfect eyebrow brush used in conjuction with eyeshadow or gelliner. You can also cut the crease with this brush. It is an excellent brush.

Low End Makeup Brushes:Sonia Kashuk

I have a lot of brushes by SK, due to buying a set. however, my favorite ones are as follows:

Angled eyeliner Brush:

This is the best tool to apply geliners. If you suck at drawing straight lines. this brush will not expose your lack of the ability to use eyeliners. The way the brush is angled makes it easy to hold wnd work with. For $12, I would consider this great brush.

SK Concealer Brush

This is a small brush made with synthetic fibre. It is soft, yet firm and hence makes application of any type of concealer really easy. It can also be used to apply gelliners as a base, creamy eyeshadows and glitters.

Essence of Beauty Duo Crease Brushes

These brushes are great for the crease especially if you have a small crease. You can use them to cut the crease, apply color in the crease, and blend out out colors. They can also be used a a pencil brush, to define outer v.

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