Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hair Damage: Hair on lockdown for the next six months

I cannot express enough how important it is to know your hair. I knew better than to put my thin naps in micro twists. I had promised myself not to ever put my hair in small twists, but I did again. I lost like 1/2 of my hair length, trying to take those things out. The culprit was the baking soda used to wash my hair. I was in such a hurry that I did the worst to my hair.
 To make matters worse, they were washed while I bent my head over the bathroom tub ( update:December 2010:the twists were against the direction in which the cuticles should be laying down).  My hair got hardened and because it was still in twists, the twists got all tangled up. Ladies, almost every twist on my head had a big knot that was irreversible. It was a nightmare. I cried like a baby. My hair is now very uneven and it is much shorter. My twists do not even look right anymore. It seems like I cannot wear my hair out for like the next six months. I decided to start wearing wigs, hats and scarves, while my hair is being treated and nortured. That's it for now on my hair.


  1. Hope you holding up well. Do not be too discouraged. It will re-grow.

    Hang in there

  2. Thank you. I am holding up well. It is slowly growing back.


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