Friday, October 16, 2009

Natural Hair Forum: Show some length with"Stretching"

Once again, I have to express that one of the smartest decision that I have ever made is deciding to wear my hair naturally. I recently discovered a technique that helps my hair to be in its most extended state. I wore my hair in flat twists for like two weeks straight(retwisted after a week) and my hair looked straight after I took the twists out. My co-workers actually thought that I had a relaxer in my

There is actually a name for this process of having the hair extended from twists or braids. It is called "stretching". This is exactly what it does. The one benefit derived from this technique is a very detangled bed of hair. You can actually comb through your hair with so much ease. I was able to wear a ponytail after my hair had been stretched. If you think that your natural hair is unmanageable, think again!!! There is a catch though....MOISTURE. Natural hair has to be super duper mosturized and sealed with oil. My mosturizers at the moment are my homemade"shealoe", a term derived from combining Unrefined Shea Butter and Aloe Vera Gel. This is not my idea. I got the recipe from the Nappturality Website( A website designed for people with natural hair). In addition to the two ingredients mentioned above, I used Olive and Coconut oil in the mix. I usually use this in my hair after it's been rinsed off the conditioner. I let my hair dry with the "Shealoe". The result is a super duper mosturized hair. Be careful with the oil though. Try not to add too much oil (if you are making the mix), because there is no particular measurement for the ingredients. Check out my demonstration, of how to make the mosturizer. Till next time, take care Bellas.


  1. I was searching for a blog about natural black hair and was not expecting to find a Christ-centered blog about natural black hair. I will be back. Please keep posting.



  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! I followed the link from one of your Youtube videos. I'm a 4b, currently 5 months into the transition. Your hair is gorgeous!!! You are giving me hope sista!

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad I can be of inspiration to you.


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