Friday, October 16, 2009

My "ammunitions" for combating dryness and breakage in the cold season

I have been wearing my hair loose a lot lately due to laziness, schedule and boredom. However, I cannot play around with loose hair anymore. otherwise my hair would get tangled.

Wearing Protective styles is one of the best ways to protect natural hair. I decided that I am going to wear different funky twists and even braids.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture. You cannot have too much moisture in natural hair. My favorite "winter" mosturizer is the "Alma and Olive Heavy Cream" from Quemet Biologics. This product can be used for many things  like, detangling, conditioning, DC, leavein, Mosturizer. I highly recommend this cream for usage on natural hair.

No poo or Low poo natural hair during the cold season. Yout hair will thank you for it. I will be changing my regimen during the winter season, by incorporating the"no poo" method in my regimen. The less you wash your hair(with shampoo), the better, however, to remove gunk and dirt from your hair and scalp, clarifying would be an advisable technique to adopt, at least once a month. The best and most effective natural clarifying product is Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water. Following the clarifying, a hot oil treatment is highly recommended to combat dryness.

Wash and dry your hair in sections to avoid tangles. Never wash and dry your hair loose. Trust me, your hair will be more manageable. Apply  your favorite mosturizer in your wet hair, as aleave in and let your hair dry while it's coated  with the mosturizer.

If you can, AVOID WEARING YOUR HAIR OUT during the cold season. If getting your hair "done" is like a chore, put your hair in big braids or twists. Then cover your hair with a silky cap or make one with an old panrty hose(the top part). Finish off by wearing a cute hat or head wrap, if your day time commitments permit that kind of dress code. Till next time, Take care Bellas and Know that God loves you.

Protective Styles
Conditioner Wash or Diluted  Shampoo
No "out styles"
Wear hats  and scarves

Suggested Products to use in the Cold Season

Any cone free conditioner
Baking Soda
Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil/ Castor oil( the heavy ones)
Alma  and Olive Heavy Cream by Quemet Biologics
Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding
Jane Carter's Solution Nourish and Shine
Jane Carters's Solutio Replenishing Deep Conditioner
If you are on a budget, check out my Homemade Mosturizer Video
Hats , Scarves and Head Wraps

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  1. I just ordered the QB moisturizer and can't wait to try it. Thanks


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