Saturday, August 29, 2015

IN-PERSON CLASS: Vibrant Wellness Workshop (NYC)

Hello Readers,
 So in my last post, I shared how I have been on this new journey of using Essential Oils to balance my physical and emotional wellbeing. If you are in the NYC area and are interested in learning more about Essential Oils for to give you more frequency and improve your health, well, there is an event in NY tomorrow at:

248 West 55th St, New York, New York 10019

 Want to ditch your toxic health and beauty products and achieve vibrant wellness at the same time? Join us for lunch at LYFE Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan and learn how Young Living Essential Oils can be used to help you become the healthiest, most vibrant, energetic person you can be!

Your class hosts and others will share some our personal experiences and show you what makes Young Living remarkably different from anything else we've tried before. You'll hear our transformation stories, which each began with a shift in our mindset about it means to be healthy. Learn how we've grown and changed over the past year and discover all the amazing resources and support you can receive from our commmunity when embarking on your own wellness journey!

In this class you will...
* Discover what essential oils are and how we use them in our everyday lives.
* What makes Young Living different than the products found in health food stores.
* Find ways to boost immunity and support focus and concetration as you head back to school.
*Be introduced to many of the brand new products that were released by Young Living this month.
* Experience firsthand some of our favorite essential oils for everyday use
* Have an opportunity to make your own homemade health/beauty items in less than 5 minutes!
... and more!

The cost for the class is FREE. Raffle prizes will be awarded all afternoon long with plenty of chances to win! You will also have the option of making your own essential oil-infused products to take home with you at the cost of $5 each (cash only).

We recommend that you plan to enjoy lunch or a beverage from the delicious menu at LYFE Kitchen and then join us on the upper level to eat and participate in the class. You can view the menu here:

See you soon!

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please contact me at


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Box Braids by?????

Okay, I wish I could install these. But one day... We shall see. I went on vacation and decided on a whim to install these. I was just really tired of dealing with my hair and  felt that it was time for it to rest for a while. Besides, I am so active that I have to wash my hair almost everyday and that is just too much for me! 

I allowed a professional braider to install them. I was quite a difficult client because I NEED MY EDGES!!!!!

I will be keeping them for at least six weeks and no longer than two months. 

Cleansing I am not washing my scalp the traditional way. It is just too much work. So I decided to clean my scalp with essential-oil infused Witch Hazel. Essential oils such as Tea Tree oil and Lemon are great for cleansing and Tea Tree in particular is great for antibacterial issues such as Dandruff.

I moisturize a few times a week with my homemade spray which is infused with essential oils as well. The fly-aways around my edges are tamed with my homemade pomade, which is also infused with essential oils. I will be making videos soon on using essential oils in my hair-care. So stay tuned for that.

 I guess you will be seeing a lot of posts on essential oils. If you have fine  and thin hair, and even Alopecia, pay attention to my future posts. My post will be essential oil-heavy because I want to share the benefits of these wonderful volatile liquids extracted from nature, God's gift to us, to balance our physical and emotional well-being.

I only purchase from Young Living company that guarantees nothing but authenticity and purity in their therapeutic-grade oils. Most of them can be ingested too, which I do. I don't trust any other oils out there for ingestion.

If you are interested in trying these oils, go toYoungLiving Website and you can become a member. It is a referral-based company, so you have to provide the member number of the person that told you about their oils. There is no pressure because I don't sell oils. I am only sharing my experience as a customer. That experience is excellent. The oils are not just for hair. Remember, they are therapeutic-grade oils, so they tackle many ailments that result from our bodies being out of balance, from toxins in our environment.

Member number 2302460

Okay back to the braids...

I love them!!. I try not to style them because the more you manipulate braids that are these long, the more you are pulling your hair. This is one of the reasons people are left with no edges after they take their braids out. Alopecia also results from excessive pulling due to doing intricate styles. I just leave them alone or pull them back with a hair tie..boring but my hair follicle is being kept intact!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finger "Coil-Out"

So, a month ago, I made a post about these finger coils (click on Finger Coils to see the style) styled with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Gel Souffle. After wearing that style for a week, I uncoiled the finger coils and got the result shown in the pictures above and below.

My curls were popping everywhere!. Don'st sleep on those products. They will really enhance your curls. I think to get the most out of their purpose, you have to set the style right. For me, it was finger coils that did it. So you have to play around with styles to see what works for you to get the best coils ever.

I kept this "out" style for a week and it survived heavy sweating from running and workouts(as shown in pictures below) I think the style lasted that long because of the gel souffle or the combo of both.
I definitely now know how to get my best curl-popping style. I don't like the style Finger Coils in itself but I will manage to wear it for a week just to get those curls popping for at least a week. I made sure to not spray with a liquid moisturizer to avoid frizzes and tangles I used the curl enhancing smoothie to  GENTLY moisturize mainly the ends.

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